Simple SECURE trading!

If you own a Blockchain node, you might as well own a bank, and we have several nodes. Security is our number one priority. We can't disclose everything we have in place to keep you safe, but here are a few of many to give you peace of mind that we run our operation with Bank security.

SSL Encryption

All transactions and communication on our exchange are SSL verified encrypted. This cuts out any man in the middle attack and keeps your transaction secure.

Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication helps us to make sure we are dealing only with you. To make things easier for you we only require this when you do a withdrawal.

Hardware Security Module

We are implementing a Hardware Security Module. This will bring us up to ISO standards in encrypting any secret keys needed to transact on our platform.

Rate Limited

Although you will never be rate limited to do transactions on our platform, we keep an eye on transactions and human approve those we find out of the ordinary.

Encrypted Database

As per POPI regulation we are compliant in keeping all your sensitive information encrypted.

Multifactor Transaction

We will be implanting multifactor transactions onto our exchange soon for those currencies that have this feature. This means that all withdrawal from our platform has to be approved not only by us but also by a trusted 3rd party.

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